Our Mission: To leverage latest technology & the power of the network to rapidly accelerate Industry’s transition to Zero impact.

Our vision is industry and travellers empowered to each make better choices about their impact, together.

We are founded on the passion to make aviation more sustainable, with the knowledge of how collaboration & continuous improvement delivers value.

Accross the industry people see, understand our mission & share our passion of our vision for the future. Together we will accelerate the change! 

Our Amazing & Passionate Team

Rebecca Meldrum

CEO & Founder

Andrew Chen

Sustainability & Impact Expert

Philippe Fonta

Sustainability Governance & Strategy

Richard Goodhead

Business Development

Maria Halse Duloquin

Customer Success Innovator

Kathryn Holm

Chief Storyteller

Hanspeter Rosenberg


Our founder’s story

In 2019, I spent several days at a Flight Global aviation data conference discussing how to use data to drive sustainability, which was immediately followed by the UN Climate Change Conference COP 25. Listening to Greta Thunberg talk about aviation at the conference, she highlighted how corporations and governments were making it look like something was being done, when in fact nothing was happening. She said change would come from the people, not corporations.

Already focused on how to use data to drive sustainability, these events made it even clearer to me that we need to do something to share green innovation being developed in aviation and help the people in those corporations striving for sustainability deliver that change, which over the last two years has increased exponentially.

With Greener Clarity, I wanted to find a way to make those efforts more transparent, to find a way to use technology and savings to help those innovators and sustainability leaders find the best innovation and come together to accelerate that change.

Rebecca Meldrum, CEO & Founder

the OptimAero Team

OptimAero understands the value of having a great team!

We are keen to bring on board innovative people who have a vision for the role technology can play in a brighter future.

Combining together a diverse range of perspectives from a team of dedicated professionals, strengthens our solution design and appreciation of customer and user needs.

As an Aerospace Start-Up, our team needs a combination of people with a range of the following skills: an appreciation of the complexities of Aerospace certification; an understanding of the application of deep learning, big data analytics and tech solution design; appreciation of user interfaces and our customer needs; an understanding of the commercial frameworks of data and analytics services design and delivery; the ability to communicate and engage people in the vision of new technology.

At OptimAero we are inspired by the vision to innovate, optimise and simplify.

We also see our team members within the context of their wider lives! we expect the highest levels of performance from our team. Understanding that in order to deliver to those levels, the team need to be viewed within the context of everything that motivates them, both inside and outside work. By promoting a well-rounded perspective of our world, we can create fresher more energised solutions and services.

We’d love to hear from you if you have a passion for problem-solving, new technology and innovation, sustainability, and aviation, combined with some of the key skills listed above.

OptimAero is growing! Want to get involved?

If you’re feeling inspired and think you’d make a great new member of the team, then we’d love to hear from you.

Can’t find the ideal role? Send us a speculative application:

Please feel free to send a speculative application to  hello@optimaero.ai and we will keep you in mind for the future as opportunities arise.

Don’t forget to include – a covering letter telling us a little about who you are, what role you’re looking for, why you’re interested in working with OptimAero, and how you think you would be able to contribute to our success, along with your resume.

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